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Paul Adam has written twelve critically-acclaimed thrillers for adults. His books have sold widely around the world, have been translated into several foreign languages and are now available as e-books.

He is also the author of the award-winning Max Cassidy Trilogy of thrillers for children, featuring dare-devil teenage escapologist, Max Cassidy - Escape from Shadow Island, Jaws of Death and Attack at Dead Man's Bay.

(see Children's Books for more information)

Paul's latest novel, Dixieland, has been published as an original Kindle e-book and is now available to download from Amazon. An evocative, absorbing tale of murder, passion and politics, the book is set against the vivid back-drop of 1916 jazz-era New Orleans, accompanied by legendary jazz musicians of the day such as Jelly Roll Morton and Joe 'King' Oliver. Interwoven with the sounds and colour of Storyville - New Orleans' notorious red-light district - the prostitutes and pimps, the musicians and music that made the area so unique, Dixieland is a vibrant portrait of human frailty, greed and lust that will keep the reader enthralled from start to finish.

Paul's other books for adults have dealt with such diverse topics as the secretive links between people smuggling, illegal agricultural labour and Britain's supermarkets (Knife Edge), genetically modified crops (Genesis II), cigarette smuggling in the European Union (Shadow Chasers), Chinese oppression in Tibet (Oracle Lake; original UK title, Flash Point), corruption within the Vatican (Unholy Trinity) and the 21st Century surveillance society in which we live (Enemy Within).

He has also written two best-selling murder-mystery novels about Cremona violin maker, Gianni Castiglione, and his detective friend, Antonio Guastafeste - The Rainaldi Quartet (original UK title, Sleeper) and Paganini's Ghost.

His gripping Mike McLean Thriller Series, featuring tenacious, sharp-witted investigative journalist Mike McLean - An Exceptional Corpse, A Nasty Dose of Death and Toxin - are also now available as Kindle e-books.

Paul Adam has also written television and film scripts. He lives in Sheffield with his wife and two sons.